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Oats Studios God Serengeti Out Now

Neill Blomkamp’s Oats Studios has just released  another bite-sized experimental short in the form of God: Serengeti. The film is the shortest in Volume One so far, running a little less than 4 minutes in length and reunites Blomkamp with frequent collaborator Sharlto Copley (Disrict 9, Elysium).

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Blumhouse Quiz

How Well Do You Know Your 80’s Slashers? Take the Blumhouse Quiz

Blumhouse have published a quiz on their website to test all the horror movie buffs out there of their knowledge of 80’s slasher movies. The questions cover quite an array of films from the decade but we warn you it’s is no walk in the park; both SlasherBob and MissStake of our very own GoreGeeks have taken the quiz and embarrassingly scored less than 50% correct. If you think you can do better? Head over the the website and have a go for yourself. Click the link below:

Star Wars Featured

What Would Be Your Ideal Star Wars Job?

I know this flow chart has been doing the rounds for a while but I couldn’t help posting it again after stumbling upon it on StumbleUpon this morning. Maybe with all the turmoil over at Disney, Han Solo could do with a career change?