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Oats Studios God Serengeti Out Now

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If you enjoy God Serengeti then you can pick up Neil Blomkamp’s rather good District 9 on Blu ray over at Amazon or watch it on Digital HD on iTunes.

Neill Blomkamp’s Oats Studios has just released  another bite-sized experimental short in the form of God: Serengeti. The film is the shortest in Volume One so far, running a little less than 4 minutes in length and reunites Blomkamp with frequent collaborator Sharlto Copley (Disrict 9, Elysium).

God Serengeti
Sharlto Copley as God in God Serengeti

The short can be  watched via the Oats Studios Channel on YouTube or on Steam (or indeed below) and depicts God (Copley) lounging in a comfortable drawing-room with his butler, Jeffrey. In front fo the pair is a table showing packs of elephants and groups of Neanderthals wandering around what looks like a map of Africa.

The sketch plays out mainly for comedic value but shows a delightfully vicious streak as God toys with humanity like he’s controlling a warped version of the Sims.

Remember, if you enjoy the Oats Studios shorts, to visit their website and pledge your support.

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